Made in Spain

Made in Spain“, we place great emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.

We are committed to slow fashion, we manufacture in local workshops giving great importance to respect for the environment and the local economy.

All our garments are patterned, cut and made in an artisanal way. They are all local workshops, close and mostly women.

Our providers

As you already know, we attach great importance to our fabrics, always using them in a way that is respectful of the environment.

environment, that is why we always choose suppliers that also certify their respect for the environment. Our suppliers are national and European.

The search for sustainable fabrics is very important for us, giving more and more importance to fabrics such as organic cotton in our collections.

We create exclusive patterns, designed and modified to obtain unique garments in the collection and differentiate ourselves from the rest.

Another important value is the exclusivity in our collection of jewels. They are handmade pieces made with different natural stones, so there are no two alike.

I respect. Commitment. Simplicity. Modesty.

The result? A collection full of meaning that goes beyond design, the result of working with a committed team