Conditions of use gift card

The virtual gift card is valid for the purchase of products for sale on the website

The balance of the Card cannot be refunded or exchanged for money.

Gift card balances are applied to the total value of an order.

When the amount of the purchase is less than that available on the gift card, the remaining balance will be saved for future purchases.

When the total amount of the purchase exceeds the balance of the gift card, the payment can be completed with any other available payment method.

Where appropriate, the refund of the amount of the products purchased with the card that are returned will be made by increasing the balance available on the card. The card will not be replaced if it is stolen, lost or damaged. The form of reimbursement is an essential condition for which it is expressly considered accepted with the purchase and / or use of the card.

In the event of acquisition of the virtual card, we will not be responsible for the non-receipt or delay in the receipt of the card by its recipient for reasons beyond our control, including, among others, (a) deficiencies or the collapse of the lines or telecommunications systems, (b) the delay in the transmission of information or data or loss of information or data that may occur due to any of the circumstances mentioned in (a), (c) the inaccuracy of the data of the recipient of the card virtual cards provided by the buyer of said card, (d) the impossibility of delivering the card to the email account email provided or (e) the consideration of the email sent as spam or junk mail.